Providing the best care for your best friend.

Dr. Lawler has spent the majority of her veterinary career as a high volume spay neuter surgeon.

She has performed over 150,000 dog and cat spay/neuter surgical procedures.

Dr. Lawler is an advocate for the health advantages of spaying and neutering dogs and cats.

Our spay/neuter appointments will be available on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

All surgery and Dental appointments will require a morning drop off and afternoon pick up on the day of the scheduled surgical procedure.

All pet spay/neuter procedures include the following:

1 year rabies vaccination

an ecollar

NSAID pain medication.

Dogs will receive take home mdication for the pet parents to administer for two days following the procedure.

Cats will receive injectable pain medication at the time of the surgery.

The following will be available at the time of surgery for an additional fee:

Additional vaccinations


Heartworm and FeLV testing

pre-anesthetic bloodwork

IV catheters and

anti-nausea medication.

A team member will discuss all of the options with you when you schedule your surgery or during the intake process on the day of the surgical procedure.

Payment for all surgical procedures will be due the morning of the procedure.

If your pet is currently vaccinated for rabies, please bring your rabies certificate with you to the appointment.

We accept cash, care credit and all major credit cards.


Read about Dr. Lawler's work in Spay/Neuter here.



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